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The Collective, great dairy... no bull!

At The Collective, we’re super passionate about providing you with the greatest dairy imaginable.​

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who we are

The Collective was started in New Zealand by two clever entrepreneurial chefs, Angus Allan and Ofer Shenhav. Their quest was simple… to create an extraordinary yoghurt with an unbeatable taste. ​

Being well travelled lads with a couple of successful businesses already notched on their belts, Ofer and Angus were not shy of the hard yakka ahead. Their sheer determination to achieve the unthinkable helped provide the fuel, their passion provided the key, their tenacity and skill delivered the answer.​

Kiwis caught on fast, and the resulting yoghurt rapidly found new homes across the land. In fact, within 10 months of its conception The Collective was New Zealand’s best selling gourmet yoghurt.​

Overnight sensation? You betcha!​

Now not being ones to keep a good thing to themselves, it soon dawned on Ofer and Angus that actually the whole world deserved The Collective in their fridges so why not head to the UK and Australia too. ​

Now people in NZ, UK & Australia can have great dairy products from The Collective sitting in their fridges, all thanks to the folks out there that’ve shared our vision.​

Having two chefs as founders, we don’t skimp on our ingredients. We’ve fossicked for some of the finest produce your land has to offer and we’re super proud to say our products are packed with some of Australia’s finest. Our yoghurt deserves great milk and you deserve great yoghurt, no bull!

Fresh, natural, vegetarian friendly, gelatine and gluten free. No added nasties or other tricky stuff. With no artificial colours or preservatives, you won’t be finding any weird numbers amongst our ingredients, honest!